3 Reasons To Work For A Startup

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Most of the young folks fresh passing out college have long term goals of working for brands and want to dive into the corporate culture. Yet, we can give you three valid reasons not to do so, and join the startup tribe. Check this out!

  • Hours are Flexible for a Change

Can you imagine working in an environment when deadlines always knock at the door and you feel that everything goes haywire? Well, that is not really fancy in the corporate world. Reports suggest that most people working in the corporate world are mostly drained out by the time they reach 30. However, when you work for a startup, you have the perks of working flexible hours and even working from home.

Mosty the startup founders care about the job getting done. At the end of the day, if you deliver what is expected out of you, you might as well work for two hours a day. Really! We are not kidding!

  • No Hierarchy Drama

You got an idea that you perceive to be breathtaking? Voila! If an entrepreneur feels that your idea makes business sense and it can be scaled in the near future, then there are high chances that you up the ladder, without having to slog for a promotion.

Also, most startup founders are approachable, that is to say, that the next time you want to talk to your CEO, you can just directly walk-in; without having to take a prior appointment.

  • Take Your Idea to the World

A lot of times it happens in corporate meetings, not everybody gets to speak. You might have had an impeccable idea, but somehow you got lost in the crowd and your idea got buried thus. Usually, in startups, young and enterprising ideas are entertained. Normally, everybody is given a chance to speak for themselves, and thus there is a lot of room for both individual and company growth.

In a nutshell, if you are desperately looking for a job, and are thinking to join the bandwagon, just because everyone else is doing so, we suggest that you rethink. The reasons are not too far to seek, and we have just enlisted some of them above. Well, considering the flexibility that startups offer, I guess it’s worth taking a shot. After all, the idea is not just to stay in the market, but to thrive and stay ahead of the curve.

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