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Startup owners, you may find them as superhumans at times, but trust me, all the successful startup founders are as regular humans as you all are. Yes, ofcourse with a difference though. And the difference lies in their determination, ideas, creativity and their inspirational stories. This section is dedicated to all those successful business stories of the eccentric men and women who made it big with their personal and professional struggles that converted their ideas into gold startups.

Startup: SMULE
Founders: Jeff Smith
Genre: Mobile music app
Since: 2008

A Stanford University doctorate in Computer Music, Jeff Smith has a series of successful startups in his kitty before Smule brought him the immense popularity. Jeff had been thinking of launching a startup that didn’t require a full-time involvement. In 2008, when he was still pursuing his PhD, he came up with Smule which eventually became his most successful endeavor.

Four percent of the world’s population i.e. 350 million people have been using Smule every month, and the number is growing every day. But beyond that, Smule is a testament to the intrinsic human love for music, especially when the power to share and collaborate is placed easily in our hands, making Smule as one of the world’s most powerful social media tool.

Jeff Smith works magic when it comes to music and technology. With his expertise and vision, Smule has grown close to 70% year-over-year for seven years, attracting and keeping users who create and share authentic, engaging content.

Millions of users are sharing, and thus marketing, Smule, but that’s not the greatest accomplishment Smith has brought about. Smule has been integral in bringing the masses from a musical dark age defined by possession and litigation into one where everyone is a creator and sharing is the norm. Singing and collaborating are available to anyone who wants to participate, from strangers to friends to the biggest pop stars.

Jeff supports recording and the traditional ways of music. But he hopes for a futuristic approach. In his own words, “Music is not controlled by a handful of people in the industry anymore. It’s truly an open platform. That’s our hope”.


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