Relax. It’s Time For A Break!

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7 consecutive days of working. Slogging for 18 hours a day. Little food, and literally no sleep. Dark circles accompanied with a never ending headache. Relatable?

I guess for many of us this is the reality. We feel with one day of us not working, things would go topsy-turvy. May be everyone in office would judge me, or at least talk about my absence from office. Quite possible. But, a pertinent question here is why should that bother you? Reputed brands like Airbnb have promoted a campaign that was based on a social cause with the hashtag #WeAccept. This was to show that they don’t differentiate between anyone, and accept everyone from different ethnicities.

Also, how can we forget about L’Oreal Paris. The renowned brand promoted a campaign #WorthSaying. They encouraged women to come up, and share stories about what they have faced through their lives. This was supported by women all across the world, with the likes of Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez.

Feminine care products brand Always usually talks about women empowerment. They promoted a hashtag #LikeAGirl to challenge the stigma that girls are the weaker sex, and they should showcase their strength.

The world is really moving towards a phase where people are embracing their real self. The concept that only fair skin is beautiful is becoming cliched and have beauty brands promoting hashtags like #DarkSkinIsBeautiful.

The point I strived to make here is that the world is busy striving to reach up to its own expectations. People are struggling to reach their own set goals, or maybe striving towards getting better at it.

Under such circumstances, don’t you think you should rest yourself a little? Maybe listen to your favourite track over a cup of black coffee? Or just lay back on your bed munching over your favourite snack?

Moving on, let’s pay some heed to ourselves. How about a new hashtag?


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