Sachin Bansal The Masterblaster Of Startups

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Bengaluru based electric scooter maker Ather Energy recently secured a funding of $51 million in its latest funding round. This funding round was led by ex Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal. Bansal has made an investment of $32 million into Ather.

Apparently, Ather Energy would be utilising this fund for expansion process with a capacity of 25000 units per annum. They are also looking forward to expand to another 3 or 4 cities for upscaling their business. The Ather guys are opening their branch office in Chennai in a few weeks. Eventually, the company plans to expand to 30 cities by the end of 2023.

From the CEO

Tarun Mehta, co-founder and CEO, Ather Energy said that Sachin Bansal had been a part of their growth journey. This investment is a strong endorsement of the momentum that Ather has built all these years.

The CEO continued that after the successful launch in Bengaluru, the team has been building  more products that will excite consumers to switch over to electric vehicles. There has been a steady shift in the mindset of personal transport, and very soon people would get to know about new business models that Ather would be investing in soon.

Ather’s Data

As per statistics, Ather has been performing quite well. The Ather 450 owners have roped in more than 6 lakh km in Bengaluru, and the company’s public charging network. Additionally, Ather Grid has 31 fast charging points in Bengaluru and seven fast charging stations in Chennai.

Ather Energy has come up with trendy business ideas like Ather One. Ather One is said to be a one stop solution, including all requirements of doorstep pick up and service, 24*7 roadside assistance free charging at home and in public.

From Sachin Bansal

Talking about his investment, Bansal said that he has been watching Ather closely since his early investment. He said that he is pretty much convinced with the ecosystem that the company has built over the days.

Ather’s focus on end to end customer experience would open up new revenue opportunities and accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in India. He said the future is electric and that he is pretty much excited to be a part of Ather’s journey in the shaping of the future.

Our View

The Bansals, as in Sachin and Binny Bansal have been the flag bearers of entrepreneurship in India. Remember those days, when online delivery seemed so much fun? They started with  delivering books, and those days ordering books online would seem to be exciting enough and people would keep on ordering.

After India saw the greatest deal during the last year when Walmart acquired Flipkart for $16 billion, a new concept of acquiring was redefined. Following the acquisition, there were two major exits too. First Sachin and then Binny. Both of them had been proven entrepreneurs, and there was a disruption in the traditional mindset.

Investor and VC firms say that the Indiam market is a bullish one, and possibly the best territory to invest in. The recent days have seen many an investment by foreign investors. As far as Sachinn Bansal is concerned, he has already made a prominent mark in the industry, and people would obviously look up to him for seeking an opinion with regards to their business.

Another viewpoint is that, with Sachin Bansal becoming a potential investor and mentor, startups would automatically be reposing a sense of reliance. The days ahead are going to be sunny for the startups, and definitely for Ather Energy.

And of course, Sachin Bansal is the masterblaster of startups!

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