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They say: You begin with an idea and watch it become an innovation. Nothing is more apt in the quote than in the case of startups. Yes, we have heard about several unique startup ideas – ranging from online groceries to dating apps to cab hire to automated gifting services – we ideated it all, and we made it all. And it’s still on the go. Every single day or the other, we do come up with a sponsored ad on our social media sites about one new startup with some unique ideas. And we are like…wow, here comes another kid in the block, let’s try out.

However, with this speedy pace of innovation, we are yet to come up with several such ideas that someone might have thought about, but it hasn’t yet seen the daylight. Maybe because the blueprints were alright, but not the execution processes. Or maybe the ideas are cool enough, but there’s no surety of business in the true sense of the word.

So, we tried to dig in deep and came up with so many ideas that can be actually cool startups. Pay attention all you investors, you might think of some funding in case one comes up with concepts like these…

1. Chat for FAQ’s – service provider based and app based

This can actually be a very good service providing idea. Think about the FAQ’s section where you get answers to several queries, but many a times not the answer you are looking for. Sadly, the one who invested so many hours in actually typing down the frequently asked questions, couldn’t read your mind (ofcourse) and hence couldn’t answer beforehand to your upcoming query. This, however, ate up the person’s time in typing so much, yet didn’t serve the purpose.

So, how about creating a service providing startup who would supply people to chat with all those looking for answers to their queries while visiting a particular website? That not only would save time and energy wasted in the FAQ’s section, but would also provide employment to hundreds.

2. Door to door collection for recycle & reuse – app based

Think of this, you are cleaning up your home just before festivities. You took out hundreds of items that you don’t use anymore, pile them up and hand over to the apartment cleaner …whoa, house cleaned. Isn’t it? And what happens next? The items are all dumped into one huge collection vehicle and probably thrown into some water body ultimately. That not only severely destroys the marine life, but also doesn’t help anyone financially.

So, what if someone comes up with an app that would send people to collect discarded items you’re your house, according to your preferred time, location and according to the category of items. Say, someone collects clothes item and another collector takes away your old crockery, while the plastic materials are collected by entirely someone else. And all these collected items go to segregated places for recycling and reuse. Sounds fair for planet earth as well, isn’t it?

3. Reviewer – app based

And we are not talking about reviewing phones and cameras! By reviewing, we mean reviewing of any and every kind. You want your article to be reviewed, you may check in the app for an apt person. Upload in the space provided, and an expert would go through it and review it. You may or may not make the changes reviewed by him. You may get your car or your home interior designs or even your chosen outfits reviewed though this app.

There are so many people out there who are actually capable of reviewing, suggesting and advising you with anything. This startup (app) idea would not only fit them into the right place, but would also serve at the receiving end by providing the right kind of suggestions.

There are many more such ideas that need to be initiated and introduced. Can you suggest few in the comment section below? Best chosen ideas would be written about (with names) in our continuation article.

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