VC Firm Tiger Global Gains Ground!

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VC firm Tiger Global has been a prominent investor in the Indian soil. The New York headquartered firm became too active in 2019. It invested $89 million into Mumbai-based agri-tech platform Ninjacart that made its largest investment in an Indian startup.

Other than this, Tiger Global backed several other companies in India during the first few months in 2019. Considering January and April this year, Tiger Global has participated in a lot of funding rounds as it did in the last three years.

Here comes the graph:

Source: Tracxn

However, compared to the fact that Tiger Global had invested approximately close to 40 deals in 2015,  this year seems to be a little slow. Sources say that there might be six more investments in the pipeline for Tiger Global.

A renowned publication reported that Tiger Global is likely to invest in five software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies in India, possibly in May.

The Indian Scenario

Globally, startups didn’t fare very well, as did the Indian startups. Many renowned investors stayed away from venturing into big investments, and backed only the big names.

As a result, major companies like Ola and Oyo gained the maximum traction, while small scale startups managed to find a ground. However, things shifted rapidly when Flipkart was bought by Walmart for a whopping $16 billion. Tiger pocketed $3 billion as per Bloomberg, which might be a possible reason for Tiger’s pro-activeness.

A short while back, Tiger was investing in startups in all stages.

Time Now

Experts tell us that the market now is a lot more bullish than what it was before. Indian startups have been evolving too. According to Everest Group’s Joshi, Tiger Global has become very hands-on when it wants to. So, startups need to be wary of Tiger Global’s strategic intent.

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