TheStartupz.com celebrates the startup wave in India and aims to let the world hear about them. The emergence of startup revolution in India is a relatively new phenomenon. Today, India is undergoing a fundamental shift with entrepreneurship and innovation being primary catalysts in job creation and solving everyday problems. A decade ago, there used to be only a handful of Indian startup success stories. But today, the Indian startup ecosystem has travelled a long way ahead.

Startupz.com includes the best startups from the nooks and corners of India – categorized in a wide variety from sports to e-commerce to food and travel. Explore them as we review the organization and interview the minds behind them.

Exhibit is India’s prime-selling magazine on technology, fashion and lifestyle. We, at Exhibit, cognize to the fact that technology has been running in our daily lives in all sectors, no matter what industry you are dealing with, it has an unquestionable impact. And by all means, there seems to be no chance of technology slowing down in the near future. We set out the most dominant and predominant advances in technology on the planet, and mind you, we don’t let anything hold us back. Our aim is to talk about hard-core technology in the simplest possible way so that even a layman gets his share of tech-dose. Get your feed and tune into Technology update as we check out some of the coolest tech gizmos used worldwide.

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