Can Entrepreneurship Have Sad Endings Too?

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With the recent demise of famous entrepreneur V.G Siddhartha, things in the startup ecosystem has been topsy turvy. I guess it’s the same for all entrepreneurs. While I was travelling on an official trip yesterday, I met two people extremely close to the Cafe Coffee Day founder who stated that it was very surprising of an enterprising person as Siddhartha to have this tragic fate. He was a person would see every problem as an opportunity, and always have a solution.

About Siddhartha

V G Siddhartha, son of a coffee plantation owner, was the first person to have created an Indian rival to Starbucks. In the year 1984, the mogul launched his own investment and VC firm Sivan Securities in Bengaluru. As per records, he began investing little by little to purchase coffee plantations in rural districts of Kerala.

Voyage of Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day began its journey back in 1996, after which they eventually picked up a stake of 7.62 percent in Mindtree. In 2012, Sequoia exited Siddhartha’s Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Ltd. and had taken an additional 6.84 percent in Mindtree.

Last month in June, Coca-Cola was in talks to acquire a stake in the coffee chain.

A Sad Ending?

Well, letting go of an efficient and visionary like Siddhartha is really pathetic. He was the perfect example of how perseverance and a never say die attitude are the key to success. 

However, entrepreneurs operating from the Indian soil, shouldn’t be disheartened under any circumstances. We would have to understand that taking risks are very much a part of every entrepreneur’s journey and there is absolutely no point in getting demoralised and stop hustling. After all, this is our story and we promised to turn victorious!

Though it holds true that some stories like Siddhartha’s had a negative connotation, but that doesn’t mean all of us have be depressed or heavy hearted. Let’s instead try to learn from them.

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