How Do Smartphones Affect our Bodies and Brains?

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The headline must be intriguing enough to warp our skeletons and damage our mental health. However, statistics state that there is a great amount of truth lying in it. Ever since my childhood, I can recall my mom telling me quite a lot of times that I would soon get square eyes, as I used to watch television so very often.

These days you can spot every five-year-old living in a world where screens aren’t fixed places of furniture, but they lie around on the kitchen table, sofa, by the bed and the screens are constantly accessible. Renowned psychologists state that screens are not only in our pockets, but they are also omnipresent like that on billboards, buses and bins. 

Over the days, the concerns have been multiplied with the screens. In the last few decades, quite a number of times we heard people say that screen would actually rewire our brains, strip us of our cognitive abilities and damage our mental health. Also, it is not a secret that most of us feel distracted by them, thus feeling more and more grumpy, guilty and fatigued. 

So, a pertinent question now is that should we start taking these concerns more seriously? Considering the amount of time that we spend with our lit-up devices, it is an important question.

What is the most problematic here is that most of the empathetic answers are the least reliable. Tabs and smartphones are not only TVs, but they are actually chat rooms, shopfronts, banks and photo albums. They are most of the times used by us to work and play, record physical activity and monitor our sleep. 

Most of the times we fall prey to these digital devices. It has been a long time since we had a real conversation, we prefer sending whats app over actual interaction. Or maybe at the most, sending a voice recorded message over an actual phone call.

Without realising this, we are slowly and gradually moving on towards self-destruction and are almost on the verge of it. But the way forward from this would actually prove to be detrimental to our health if we choose to continue in the same way. Balance is the key here, if we are addicted to various forms of entertainment, we must know that it is detrimental to our health in the long run. After all, health is wealth, isn’t it?

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